Intermediate 1 - Couleur Café

If anyone knows how I can get the full size view on the Skynet blog please let me know ...

Just a try out to post this on a skynet blog. This was shot taken 27 June 2009 just before midnight @ Couleur Café in Brussels. We where watching Mamadi Keita's band. Great! Om kippevel van te krijgen Knipogen.  Some people asked me a copy of the shots but I lost their e-mail addresses. I hope they recontact me this way. The limit for a Skynet blog is 15Mb and the shots are far over that limit, up to 1GB! Note that this was a try out with a Canon 5D Mark II and I didn't have enough experience (I still don't have Wenkbrauw ophalen). Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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